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5 Side Hustles


I’ve spoken about the need to have a side hustle. Here are a few ideas that can get your brain thinking of the possibilities. Continue reading 5 Side Hustles

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Throw Money Over The Fence


You have a job. If you read my last post, you probably have a side gig. You probably have family to take care of as well. Do you really have time to pick stocks and manage your investments?

The great thing about investing today are the products and technologies we have available that makes our financial lives easier, especially on the investing side. Because of developments over the last several years, our costs for investing are lower and offer more diversification than ever. To be specific, I’m talking about index funds. Continue reading Throw Money Over The Fence

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Everyone Needs a Side Gig


When I first started getting serious about my financial well-being, I knew a side gig was key to my plan. I’ve wanted to start a side gig for some time and the opportunity came up for me last summer.

A friend of mine said her current bookkeeper/office manager was leaving her small company. She didn’t want to pay that salary anymore but still needed her accounting done. Continue reading Everyone Needs a Side Gig