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3 Things That Builds Wealth


What exactly is wealth? Where does it come from?

I prefer to define wealth as the value of all assets free and clear on any debt. This means wealth includes the equity in your home, your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, 401k, and IRA’s. It even includes your cars, rental homes, and equity you have in your business. As long as the assets you own continue to accumulate and rise in value, your wealth increases accordingly.

Wealth is also the ability to live off your investments. In other words, you don’t have to work (or work as much) in order to sustain your lifestyle. When your investments can produce enough income to pay your bills, that’s wealth.

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Three Revelations I’ve Had About Money


I’ve spent a ton of cash over the years. I believe I’m much more responsible with funds than I used to be, or at least more conscientious about where my money goes. Here are three revelations I’ve come to have about money. Continue reading Three Revelations I’ve Had About Money

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Making Hard Choices


Personal finance is about making choices. Sometimes it can be about making hard choices when you are trying to save money or reduce your expenses, yet trying to keep up with the latest that modern society has to offer. You may find you don’t make enough to cover your bills and are juggling your bills by paying a little late or waiting until your next payday.

That shiny new iPhone that’s costing you an extra $30 on a monthly payment plan on top of the service plan is probably something you shouldn’t have at this time. Continue reading Making Hard Choices

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Personal Balance Sheet Update (2nd Quarter 2016)

If you haven’t picked up on certain aspects of my blog by now, I’m about setting goals and keeping track of your progress. Earlier in the year, I tweeted about a financial goal I wanted to achieve. It was just a statement, but it was written. I haven’t done any calculations to achieve it, but I think it’s reasonable, pending I pay off my student loans and continue to throw many into simple investments. Continue reading Personal Balance Sheet Update (2nd Quarter 2016)