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Cash Back Strategy – 4th Quarter 2016


Well folks. It’s a new quarter and that means a new rotation in my cash back strategy.

A few things have changed since last quarter. I’ve added three new cards: Citibank’s Costco Visa, Chase’s Amazon Visa, and another American Express card, the SimplyCash Business. Here are the benefits of each card: Continue reading Cash Back Strategy – 4th Quarter 2016

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Goals Take Time


Time is your ally. It’s also a pain in the ass.

When you finally decide to get your finances together and put a plan into action, you’ll feel like it’s virtually impossible to accomplish what you want. The reason is that a lot of your financial goals take time. Time to complete and time to see some sort of result. The more time it takes to reach your goal, the more room there is for potential setbacks. Continue reading Goals Take Time

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My Cash Back Strategy – 3rd Quarter 2016


I guess I should give a disclaimer before starting this post: This is not a strategy if you can’t control your spending. If your mindset is “credit cards” is like free money, skip this post. Come back to it when you feel you’re more responsible.

I’ll make no secret of it. I love credit card products. Continue reading My Cash Back Strategy – 3rd Quarter 2016

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FICO Score Update (June 2016)

I’ve been tracking my credit score after finding out how disastrous it was back in 2011 when I attempted to buy a home. It was an eye opener. I realized I didn’t have a grip on my finances nor dealt with them in a manner that aligned with my future. Continue reading FICO Score Update (June 2016)

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Happy Independence Day!


The United State of America (or at least the original thirteen colonies) obtained its independence from Britain on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence signified a new beginning and a new way of life for many. A life that meant freedom. The freedom to do things differently, away from the norm. Continue reading Happy Independence Day!

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My Credit History Journey

Credit Score


That was my lowest credit score when I attempted to apply for a mortgage in October 2011. I knew my credit was bad going into it, but not that bad. I figured I was in the low 600’s.

I had a couple of life changing events happen. I took custody of my oldest son the past August, I just got married for the second time in November 2011, and we had a baby on the way due in May 2012. Continue reading My Credit History Journey

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Where Do I Start?

Where do I start?



I’m sure this is a question many of you have asked yourself about your personal finances, whether it’s establishing a budget, getting a grip on your spending, what investments to choose in your 401(k), or how to pay down your credit cards.

Personal finance is always challenging because financial blogs and news organizations always seems to have a one size fits all approach. Continue reading Where Do I Start?