Money in the form of many large bills

After completing my degree in Accounting in 2006 at age 29 (I was a late bloomer), I went work as an accountant for a local manufacturing company and have been there for the last 10.

I got my MBA in corporate finance in 2009 to further my education and get a better understanding of how a business operates outside of looking at a business as an accountant.

What have I done with all that education? A whole lot of nothing. Credit card debt, student loan debt that won’t go away, and still living paycheck to paycheck despite the higher income due to my education. It seems I was on the same boat of people who earn a high income, yet have little in assets (or none at all!). As a father of two boys, 18 and 3, and married for the last 4 years to a woman I’ve known for 8, I felt an obligation to put my family in a better position financially and set a better example for my boys.

I’ve always had the ideas of personal finance, but never put it all together to stick with anything over the long-term. I’d start, but never saw it through. In 2015, I read five books that entirely changed my way of thinking about money:

These are my top 5 books I recommend to anyone looking to change their views on their financial situation. My perspective on personal finance has changed for the better because of these books. I read them over and over again when I feel like I’m losing focus to regain my motivation. I plan on keeping it that way and hope to share my knowledge to help others along the way.

I’m not a financial adviser or claim to be an expert. Any suggestion you get on this site, please review with your financial team. I give suggestions that are my own, based on my situation and knowledge, which may not be correct or suitable for your situation. I don’t intend to mislead, but my facts, figures, and calculations can be incomplete, inaccurate or plain wrong. Do your own research and evaluation that is suitable for you.

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