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Home Maintenance Fund


Emergency funds. Safety funds. Cash on hand. Whatever name you call it, we settle our financial affairs in cash.

I’ve stated emergency funds are the center piece of having your financial life together. It’s there in case things go wrong or something major breaks and needs replacement. It’s there to prevent you from going into debt to pay for something that needs immediate replacing.

Whatever your emergency fund is designed for, be sure to include a little extra on top to handle routine maintenance on your home. Continue reading Home Maintenance Fund

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Cash Back Strategy – 4th Quarter 2016


Well folks. It’s a new quarter and that means a new rotation in my cash back strategy.

A few things have changed since last quarter. I’ve added three new cards: Citibank’s Costco Visa, Chase’s Amazon Visa, and another American Express card, the SimplyCash Business. Here are the benefits of each card: Continue reading Cash Back Strategy – 4th Quarter 2016

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Notes to My Younger Self


I thought about writing a letter to my younger self for a while. I’ve made many mistakes over the years and sometimes wish I had a do over.

But at what age would I get this letter? 18? 21? 25? Would I even be mature enough to handle it? Obviously I think a lot differently at an almost 40 years of age than 18 or even 25. Would I come off as too omniscient? Would I sound like I’m talking down to myself?

What things would I have changed and what would I have like to stay the same? I mean, I am who I am today because of my past, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a do over from time to time. Continue reading Notes to My Younger Self

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3 Destroyers of Wealth


Sometimes it’s hard to get ahead. Sometimes your financial goals take forever to accomplish. Staying the course is a challenge. You know you need to build some kind of wealth, but time goes by and you still haven’t made a plan.

The problem is that you think there’s always tomorrow. The reality is that tomorrow always brings something new for you to deal with and that something usually takes money.

The biggest problem with all of this is time. Before you know it, you start wondering why your finances aren’t where they should be and you need to do something about it to ensure a future.

These are three things that hold you back and ultimately destroy your wealth as time goes on. Continue reading 3 Destroyers of Wealth

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3 Things That Builds Wealth


What exactly is wealth? Where does it come from?

I prefer to define wealth as the value of all assets free and clear on any debt. This means wealth includes the equity in your home, your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, 401k, and IRA’s. It even includes your cars, rental homes, and equity you have in your business. As long as the assets you own continue to accumulate and rise in value, your wealth increases accordingly.

Wealth is also the ability to live off your investments. In other words, you don’t have to work (or work as much) in order to sustain your lifestyle. When your investments can produce enough income to pay your bills, that’s wealth.

Continue reading 3 Things That Builds Wealth