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Three Revelations I’ve Had About Money


I’ve spent a ton of cash over the years. I believe I’m much more responsible with funds than I used to be, or at least more conscientious about where my money goes. Here are three revelations I’ve come to have about money. Continue reading Three Revelations I’ve Had About Money

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Debt Strategy


Believe me when I say, getting out of debt is tough. It’s especially tough if you have multiple credit cards with high balances, student loans, car payments, and a mortgage. Getting rid of it all takes planning and perseverance. Coming up with a plan that you stick to is extremely important. I recommend writing it all on paper on using a spreadsheet. Documenting your plan helps you stay on track and adjust when necessary as things come up. Continue reading Debt Strategy

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5 Side Hustles


I’ve spoken about the need to have a side hustle. Here are a few ideas that can get your brain thinking of the possibilities. Continue reading 5 Side Hustles

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One Student Loan Down


Well folks, today, I officially put a nice dent into my $110,000 student loan debt. I sent the final payment to Nelnet, one of three of my loan servicers, bringing an end to doing any further business with them. There’s no better feeling knowing that you stuck with your plan and made significant progress towards your goals. Paying off my student loans is one of my top priority financial goals after saving three months of income for an emergency fund and paying off my credit card debt. I still can’t believe it. One is done. Continue reading One Student Loan Down